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silverscreenfic [Saturday, Nov. 11/06 - 23:38PM]

[ mood | geeky ]

Why didn't I find this community before I created my own?! Oh well; we will just have to cater to different audiences. I have just created a new community called silverscreenfic. If you are interested in either writing or reading fanfiction based on the classics of cinema, please come join us. We are slash-friendly and accept all ratings. Icons and banners are also very welcome.

If this sort of post is not allowed, I apologise. Please feel free to delete it.

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[Saturday, Mar. 11/06 - 23:48PM]
Name of story: My Man Gable
Rating: PG-13 (because of cursing & fighting lol)
Summary: Carole Lombard & Lana Turner duke it out over Clark Gable.
Categories: Im not really sure :/
Other comments: I love all the people portrayed in this story and it is in no way meant to be demeaning to any of them. Its just a bit of fun.
My Man GableCollapse )
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[Tuesday, Mar. 7/06 - 20:53PM]

Name of story: “It's Always Been”
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A prequel/missing scene; Lilli Vanessi receives a script from the last person she ever expected to hear from again.
Categories: Kiss me, Kate
Other comments: This is definitely one of my tamer bits of writing, but I’m giving it a PG-13 just to be on the safe side. Word count: 1973
Disclaimer: This story is purely for the enjoyment of fans. It is not intended to infringe upon rights held by the Estate of Cole Porter or Loew's, Inc.

It's Always BeenCollapse )
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Stories? [Monday, Mar. 6/06 - 16:58PM]

Anyone have any stories to share or are willing to write any? I have a Philadelphia Story one I'm planning on writing soon when I get a chance haha :)
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The Rating System [Saturday, Mar. 4/06 - 21:25PM]

The Rating SystemCollapse )
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